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The TEDY token utility is very simple, and is designed to provide value to believers and supporters of the protocol. This will be done through these 2 primary methods: buybacks and governance.


The TeddySwap protocol will take 0.01% of all trading fees and this revenue will go to the buyback treasury. Each quarter, the revenue of the TeddySwap protocol will be used to buy and burn TEDY tokens on the open market. Each time a TEDY token is bought and burned, the outstanding number of TEDY tokens decreases, increasing scarcity. This should mean each held TEDY token becomes more valuable in terms of governance because fewer tokens are able to vote.

DAO and Governance

TeddySwap is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where holders of TEDY have a say in the most impactful decisions. The TEDY protocol is designed to allow for adjustments to the emission schedule, platform fees, and other variables that shape the future of the DEX.

These important decisions should fall to the community, as TeddySwap was designed with community input and support to help grow the tools available to the Cardano ecosystem.

TeddySwap is strongly positioned to have a flourishing DAO experience as one of our advisors, Marty, created a successful DAO platform, Paideia, which already has a well-functioning version released.

The number of TEDY tokens you hold across yield farms and liquidity pools and the tokens you stake will all be counted when it comes to a vote.

Votes will be held with plenty of notice and the community will have an opportunity to discuss their opinions on the matter. The TeddySwap team will execute plans based on any votes, and are happy to hear feedback from the community on what should be voted on as well. We are in this together, and you all can contribute to the project in various ways.

TEDY tokens represent a 100% governance and revenue-sharing stake of the TeddySwap protocol.