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Token Distribution Visual Breakdown

Token AllocationNumber of Tokens% of Total SupplyCliffEmission Length (MONTHS)
INO FISO Bonus25,000,0000.50%12 Months
INO Token Sale150,000,0003.00%3 Months3 Months
INO LBE Bonus50,000,0001%12 Months
Liquidity Bootstrapping Event100,000,0002.00%
DAO Treasury250,000,0005.00%
Marketing / Airdrops25,000,0000.50%
Team & Advisors500,000,00010.00%6 Months36 Months
Developer Fund250,000,0005.00%
Yield3,625,000,00072.50%60 Months

Note: these are projections, and some numbers are subject to change a bit. Adjustments can happen in the following ways:

FISO Bonus

The FISO bonus will depend on how many NFTs are held by stakers in the FISO rounds. Stakers will receive a percentage bonus on their FISO rewards per NFT held. NFT rarity will also have an influence on the amount of bonus each NFT is worth. This tranche is an estimated number only, and will adjust depending on the bonuses issued.

INO Token Sale

The Teddy Bears Club is a limited NFT collection for the TeddySwap Initial NFT Offering (INO). Members of the Teddy Bears Club qualify for increased FISO rewards, TEDY token claims, and boosted rewards on yield farming along with the liquidity bootstrapping event.

LBE Bonus

The LBE Bonus will be similar to the FISO bonus where each NFT will be worth a percent bonus, and rarer NFTs will offer boosts to that.