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The philosophy and vision of the team is simple: deliver a stellar protocol for stablecoins that provides an exceptional and secure DeFi experience.

TeddySwap was created by Saturn Labs, a Haskell and Scala development and consultancy firm specializing in Cardano and Ergo projects. The Saturn Labs team consists of team members from well-known projects such as anetaBTC, ErgoPad, TosiDrop, Paideia, Harmonic Labs and more.

Our developer team possesses seasoned Cardano developer veterans, having shipped numerous projects implementing smart contracts with the utmost security.

Our team includes a group of previous Cardano Foundation developers, and the creators of plu-ts, an open-source Plutus smart contract framework built from scratch designed to generate efficient smart contracts.

The advisors of the TeddySwap team include the project lead of anetaBTC, who has built multiple loyal and organic communities in the Cardano and Ergo ecosystems. Additionally, the project lead at ErgoPad, the №1 launchpad on Ergo, has successfully led his team of engineers to deliver secure and functional tools.

Together, with the technical expertise and experience running well-known projects, we believe the leaders of the TeddySwap protocol possess all the skills necessary to launch, execute, and grow a successful and sustainable protocol for the Cardano ecosystem.

Dev Team:

  • Clark Alesna - Blockchain Developer (Cardano Foundation, dcSpark)
  • Reza Jhay Lacanlale - Blockchain Developer
  • Alphonzo Escolar - Blockchain / UI/UX Developer
  • Michele - Blockchain Developer (ARMN, Harmonic Labs, Plu-ts)

Community Development:

  • Linkin' C
  • Theta/Decay (Ergopad, Paideia)


  • Frosty (AnetaBTC)
  • Marty C (Ergopad, Paideia)

In Collaboration With: