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The TeddySwap stable swap advantage

Why use TeddySwap and not one of the existing DEXs out there? Most DEXs are optimized using an invariant calculation that works well for assets that have variable prices. This means that impermanent loss is high, and often slippage is high as well, especially on trading pairs with lower liquidity.

TeddySwap is different. We optimize the AMM pools to use a stableswap invariant, meaning liquidity providers have low susceptibility to impermanent loss, and slippage stays lower for traders.

This, on top of our other yield opportunities, means we can provide a better platform for liquidity providers that don’t want to take on the excess risk from providing liquidity for more speculative assets, and that means end-users who just want to swap stablecoins and ADA have access to lower fees and more predictable swap prices.